Hello, my name is Introduction Post.

I’ve been considering setting up a serious-ish blog, to post about stuff and things. The ‘stuff and things’ are likely to include writing, reading, various aspects of literature that might or might not link to my degree, music, reviews and criticisms, politics, current events, feminism, casual philosophy, ethics and food, all of which are things that I am a big fan of. Since I haven’t done it yet, though, I’m not going to make any promises.

I will probably delete this introductory post after a while, because I hope it’ll become unnecessary – that is, I’ll actually start posting stuff, rather than talking about stuff I might post.

This rambly introduction is brought to you with boundless enthusiasm, the number 1 and the copied-and-pasted letter b.

One thought on “Hello, my name is Introduction Post.

  1. Oh I am so DIM. It took me at least a minute contemplating the role of 2nd magpie (cf 3rd murderer etc) before I realised where the magpies in question actually belonged. A magpie of your very own! Delightful 🙂
    Looking forward to reading if you manage to write…x


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