The Internet is Really, Really Great, But…

It is truly an amazing thing to have a world in your pocket – messages, calendars, all the information of the Internet. The nuances of technology are so useful and so amazing – it’s easier to work, to plan holidays, to keep up with friends, to make new friends, to learn, to discover, to find. But there’s a world inside our heads, too, and overusing technology can skew perspectives so much, dehumanising people… It concerns me that we risk removing the most important part of human interaction: other minds.

In a conversation, the speaker’s words provide a mere 7% of the meaning inferred by the listener: the remaining 93% of communication is body language and the tone of your voice. How you say what you say is so much more important than what words you use. Your gestures are telling, your expressions, your phrases. We seem, as a society, to be forgetting that, to be losing sight of just how important the other person’s possible interpretations of what we’ve said are, and it worries me. I worry that reliance on technology is a fast river carrying us a little further than we ought to go – in our village, we had a ten-hour powercut a couple of weeks ago. We have an electric oven, kettle, burglar alarm, central heating (except for our wooodburning stove) – until the power came back, we were utterly helpless.

Anyway. It’s getting late, so I think I’m going to take my own advice and take great pleasure in keeping this post short, turning my iPhone off and relaxing with my boyfriend to heatedly discuss the newspaper and whatever books I’ve left lying around my room. Unless he nicks my phone to play DoodleJump.


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