Travelling Tales: ‘I’ll Go to the Theatre’ (New York, Day 4)

Today was a very chilled-out day, which was nice, since yesterday was so busy. After the dinner party last night Rita had stayed with her and Carmel’s mother, who lives in an apartment that takes up the ground floor of Carmel’s house. This afternoon, Carmel and I drove into Manhattan to the theatre, and Rita came with us rather than taking the train home.

Carmel and I went to see ‘The 39 Steps’, a Noises Off-style spoof of the Hitchcock thriller. It was a fantastic production – four actors played all of the parts, sometimes with lightning-quick costume changes and sometimes playing more than one part at once. A lot of fun was poked at theatrical conventions and Hitchcock, and it was an extremely enjoyable afternoon.

After a feed of Thai food (and a lychee mojito) we returned to Carmel’s house. I’ve got to sort out my washing and pack up my stuff in order to leave for Michigan tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s Sunday already. I’ve had a wonderful time in New Jersey and New York, though there are still so many things I haven’t seen! I suppose I’ll just have to come back some time. What hard choices I have to make.



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