Travelling Tales: The Henry Ford (Ann Arbor, Day 4)

This afternoon Tony and I went to ‘the Henry Ford’. Yes, ‘Henry Ford’ is the whole noun. It’s basically a heritage complex of the Ford conference centre and this massive museum that he founded, which contains an enormous – and quite eclectic – selection of vehicles, engineering bits and pieces, cars, trains, bicycles; buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House; the chair that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in; a thing of ‘American Kitchens through the Ages’; a series of presidential limos, up to Ronald Reagan’s, including the one that JFK was assassinated in; a history of Ford’s involvement with aviation – and much more. The museum was one 12-acre room with so much stuff in it! So I’m just going to stick up a few photos of my favourite things.

An exploded model of a Model T Ford:

The car Kennedy was assassinated in:

The Dymaxion House:

The chair Lincoln was assassinated in (Tony said it’s still blood-stained!):

This weird little bike, like, I’ve never seen one of them before? (It’s an original 1963 model, and apparently it was a personal gift of Alex Moulton to the museum. So that’s a conversation starter for next Bradford on Avon weekend.)

A steam train with a 20-ton snow plough (but no cow-catchers!). I especially like the ‘MUST NOT SWITCH TRAIN WITH PLOW’ sign down on the front of it.

And my absolute favourite, a giant among steam trains, a 600-ton 1941 Allegheny:

It was absolutely HUGE, it was so amazing!

This evening Tony and Amy had their neighbours and Tony’s sister Susan round for dinner, which was nice! It was lovely to meet Susan at last. I think I’ll be seeing her again tomorrow, which will be nice.

Speaking of tomorrow, we’re getting up early to go experience the pre-football-match tailgating madness up by the stadium (before we spend the afternoon at a cider farm) so I had better go to bed and get some sleep! I’m tired from all the walking and learning about American industrialisation!

Tomorrow is my last full day here. I can’t believe it – time’s gone so fast! I’m determined to come back, though. There’s still so much more to see!


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