Bibliodyssey: A Statement of Intent

When I was wide awake at 5am a few nights ago for absolutely no reason, I looked around my bookshelves and realised that a lot of the books that I have here are ones that I haven’t read, or have leafed through for the purposes of essays, or have had to put aside when work and rehearsal pressures got too much and then never returned to. And I decided to embark on a bibliodyssey – a word coined, yes, at 5am, and of which I am possibly a little too proud.

So I intend to read through my borrows, impulse-buys, should-have-finisheds and must-wait-until-after-deadlines-to-reads. It’s a very peculiar selection of books, so it should be an interesting project. I’m also going to watch the DVDs that are lying on my shelves and have yet to be watched. I began this morning with James Morwood’s translation of Euripides’ Medea and Other Plays (Medea, Hippolytus, Electra and Helen), and I also want to re-read Stanley Kunitz and Max Hayward’s translation of the poems of Anna Akhmatova. I’ll be back with thoughts when I’m done with them. Until then, I’m going to feel proud of the word bibliodyssey and try not to come up with any terribly nautical metaphors for my Great Matter.

One thought on “Bibliodyssey: A Statement of Intent

  1. I hereby pledge allegiance to the concept of a Bibliodyssey. It’s my birthday this month and I may be getting a Kindle – so for the whole of June I shall endeavour to read as many unread books on my bookshelf as possible before I find them a good home.


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