The Confessions of a Crochet Convert

So I have realised lately that I’ve been extremely remiss in my duty as a blogger in missing out one major area of interest from my blog (and also by not updating enough).

However, upon the receipt of a LOT of yarn from my boyfriend’s mother, and the realisation that this fits in perfectly with some particular designs I’m intending to make, I realised that it was only logical that I should start blogging about crochet – or, as I like to call it, my adventures in yarn-bending. (Legolas, you will understand that; everyone else, just get on with watching Airbender already so I can quote and you won’t think I’m crazy, okay?)

I have numerous projects on the go at present, one of which will shortly be completed, one of which is beautiful but the bane of my life, and one of which has been enabled by Michele’s generosity. This is what she gave me:


Amazing, no?

So what I’m going to do, when I get home, is compile evidence of my various yarn-bending endeavours, and blog about them. And also try to blog more – because I do like the idea of my blog being filled with critical discussions and crochet!

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