A Genuine Crochet Conundrum, This Time

Solitaire Granny Square

My solitaire granny square began as a wildly speculative ‘How big can I make one of these?’, and I am now determined that I will make a granny square blanket out of one square the size of my bed. The logistics of this have inspired long discussions with my Other Half (he has an excellent creative eye, and in any case I was borrowing his tape measure to work out some size issues). Benjamin did, very sensibly, suggest that I maybe make four very large granny squares and stitch them together.

He had some very mathematical reasoning for this, to do with differentials. I think. I wasn’t listening, because I was pouting. I refuse to be swayed from my quest for a single-square blanket. So when he was done laughing at my sulky face, we discussed my thoughts about how to progress from where I am, which is here:


Yes, you can see a hint of my fantastically-colourful fluffy slippers at the bottom of the photo there.

My main issue for this blanket (and for the purple granny squares, too), is that I basically began them to use up odds and ends of yarn that I had lying around. This worked immeasurably well – too well, in some instances, of which this is one, for I find myself needing to make a decision as to how to proceed with this pattern. I’ve run out of that very pale pink that would be the next colour, and the only ball I can find in shops in Cardiff (I’ve only looked in two, but that’s not the point! I’m very busy!) is a pretty comparable colour, but it’s a 150g ball. It’s only £2 or so, so it won’t break the bank, but… the real issue here is that I’m not a massive fan of that shade of pink. So I can’t think what else I would use it for, and I don’t want it hanging around in my yarn basket when part of the point of this project was to use it up anyway!

I also needed to decide how to bring it up to the size of a double bed, which involved a lot of rolling around and tape measures last night. So to solve both of these issues, what I think I’m going to do is buy the pale pink anyway, repeat the current pattern up to the next dark green, and then stop repeating this particular pattern but start preparing a border. The border won’t be single lines of colour – probably several lines of each colour I choose (at the moment I’m thinking yellow, the pale pink to use it up, red, and a very dark blue I picked up last week). I think this will give it some nice, solid edges without me having to buy a bunch more yarn to make up for the shortfall.

Whatever I decide, I’ll take pictures and let you know.

In other news


Even the smallest crochet can change the course of the future.



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