Crochet Catch-up: Solitaire Granny Square

This one is for Katie, because I miss her, and she’s a wonderful crochet enabler. ^^

I just thought I should post an update of my progress on the solitaire granny square! It’s the project that I decided to prioritise for finishing (because it’s going to be easier to finish than any of the others, and I need to make some more space!).

I’m very, very pleased with my progress! It is getting a bit unwieldy, but that also means that it’s acting like a blanket and keeping my lap warm while I’m turning it into a bigger blanket, which is cool. And I think it’s a pretty respectable size now!


There it is, covering most of the bottom of my bed! By my calculations, I have 23 lines of red still to go before it will be entirely bed-sized… I’m not sure how much I’ll stick to that, but there we go.

I changed my mind about how I was going to do the edge from when I blogged about it last time, because I realised that I had enough yarn to make it the awesome thing it is now. I think I’m done with changing colours now, though, and I’ll give it a nice block of red for a border. The red yarn’s quite hefty, too, so from that perspective it’ll make a good one to edge the thing with.

It feels like I’m quite close to the end even though I have a long way to go yet! It’s just so satisfying to see it getting bigger so quickly.

Once this is done, I’ll probably try to finish off the Earth square of the Avatar blanket, and then I’ll be able to alternate finishing the purple squares blanket and making Zara’s blanket. I’ve made a couple of Zara’s squares and I really love the design! I think I’m also going to challenge myself to try joining them as I go along, which isn’t something I’ve done before so that’ll be interesting to work out how to do.

Anyway, I’d better get to bed because I have plenty to do tomorrow before I head home to see my mother. Katie, I hope you’re proud of the genuine crochet-lady you helped make me into! 😀

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