You’re a Write Pain

Some musings by my excellent friend.

graffiti living

A pretty girl, with a foreign accent, stopped me in Leeds train station and held onto my arm.

“Do you have pain?” she said.
“No. PAIN. That you write with.”

She needed a pen, which I of course gave her, but she also had a point.

Although it’s not what she meant — what does it mean to write with a pain? To turn pain into words.

What pain do you write with? Be honest with your muse, even if you can’t be honest with yourself.

Creative Alchemy. You can’t turn lead into gold, but you can turn shit into money.

Psychodrama. Write it down and make it happen. Or vice versa. “Breathe it, then write it.” as Allen Ginsberg said.

It also reminded me of Paul Auster’s anecdote about why he always carries a pencil: because the one time he needed it most, as a child…

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