Nova’s Crochet Camera

It’s well past time that I uploaded some of my finished crochet projects! Dear me, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I finished some of them.

My niece Nova turned two last winter. She’s an adorable kid – a tiny little powerhouse of Scottish blonde bossiness – and when I saw her last October, it became very clear that she was a big fan of her mum’s camera (my big sister is an amazing wedding photographer – check out her stuff at Mirrorbox Photography). So for those moments when she was a little too keen on playing with mum’s expensive equipment, I thought it would be nice to make her a camera of her very own. And here it is!

crochet camera

Nova’s crochet camera

I absolutely loved this project. I’d never done any sculptural crochet before, and it was so wonderful to have a clear idea come together so cleanly.

I made the camera on my trusty 4mm hook out of 100% cotton yarn, using double crochet stitches (single crochet if you’re American!). The black yarn I used was quite a fine thread – I’m afraid I didn’t record what brand it was, but I can tell you that it was a present from my boyfriend’s mum.

The top of the camera is in a lovely, chunky Rico Creative Cotton – the aran weight in Mouse Grey. I absolutely loved working with the Rico aran cotton. It splits more easily than other yarns I’ve used, but with a slightly wider sweeping motion I got used to catching all of the threads. Once it worked up into fabric, it was just lovely to handle – very tense and firm, but soft to the touch, too. Perfect for little hands!

I particularly like the fact that it gives it that lovely ‘top-heavy’ look – the grey yarn was just so much chunkier than the black that there’s really nice 3D effect there.

The button and stuffing I bought in my trusty local Shaws – for those who live outside Wales, Shaws is a drapery chain who sell everything from yarn to thermal underwear, including bedsheets, curtains and towels. I love having a nose around the shops and seeing what I can find. I got an excellent amount of toy stuffing for less than I regularly pay for sandwiches, and now I find myself needing to make more things in order to use it up. Oh, what a hard life I lead…!

(Actually, I’m thinking I might make some window-seats for the low-down windowsills in my flat. There are some really high windows which, because of the conversion, have sills quite close to the floor, so I often find myself perching in them when I’m on the phone. It would be nice to have a slightly more comfy nook to curl up in.)

I’m a particular fan of the big red button on the top – everybody loves a big red button! Including my boyfriend, pictured here having a play.

crochet camera 2

Ben likes taking photos.

The flash detail I did by crocheting a small piece of fabric from white yarn, and then stitching across the holes with a darning needle to get that ‘ridged’ effect. It also made it a bit more solid, so it stood out from the black.

The ‘lens’ effect was achieved with two rows of double crochet in a starting chain, joined into a circle and fixed in place on the inside by sewing it onto the fabric with a darning needle. I crocheted the seams together using Lucy at Attic24’s joining crochet seam, and in places also used this slight variant joining technique, shared by Heather at Little Tin Bird. (If you crochet, live in the UK, and don’t follow Heather’s blog, you’re doing something wrong. Same for Lucy at Attic24.) You can join seams with an ‘invisible’ stitch by sewing them together, but I wanted the solidity that the crochet joining method gave – it’s what reinforced the structure of the straight edges.

Posting it was a minor issue, because It only barely fit in the envelope I’d bought – but that was my bad. In any case, it arrived intact and my niece enjoyed ‘taking pictures’ of all her presents on her birthday!

Now that I’ve finally put up this post (nearly a year late… oops) I’d better start thinking what to get for Nova when she turns three.

I enjoyed my first adventure in making an object out of crochet. I need to delve into it again! I’m not sure I’ll ever produce anything quite as perfect as the camera, but you never know, inspiration might strike the next time I pick up my hook. Pinterest is certainly full of brightly-coloured brilliance that I’d just love to make!

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