Archie’s Rainbow Ripple Blanket

crochet blanket bright yarn

Early this year, my lovely friend Lydia told me that she was expecting a baby! And my response (after the congratulations, of course!), was to send her a selection of colours and patterns so that she could choose what blanket I made for her.

blanket yarn crochet

Those yarn balls are considerably depleted now!

The patterns I showed her were largely drawn from Little Tin Bird and Attic24 – their finished works are so beautiful, and the patterns are a pleasure to follow. Lydia chose Lucy’s neat ripple pattern and most of the colours from the lovely Attic24 17-colour yarn pack, which I always buy from Wool Warehouse. She knew she was having a little boy, so I didn’t include the brighter pink and I picked the lovely deep-blue Aster as the colour for the borders, which meant it was the starting colour. As you can see, I didn’t make the ripple straight at the end – I liked the ripple effect so much that I left it as the border of the blanket, after adding two lines of treble crochet in the same colour down both edges.

baby ripple crochet blanket

Archie’s finished blanket.

I absolutely adored working on this blanket. It rippled off my hook like a dream! My starting chain was 140+3, so it was comfortably wider than a person – something that baby Archie can grow into, rather than out of! I was really surprised at how quickly it came together – rippling consistently, I started the blanket in January and I think I’d given it to her by the second week of March. It was certainly finished a while before young Archie finally made his appearance at the end of May!

Here’s a photo of my boyfriend, Ben, giving Archie a cuddle, with the blanket in shot over his shoulder.

baby crochet blanket


I absolutely loved working on this blanket. It’s bold and bright and beautiful, and it’s so nice to know that it’s gone to a good home!

In fact, this was so popular that several of my friends commissioned blankets the minute I posted the finished thing on Instagram! But more on those stories later…


Lydia’s sent me a lovely picture of Archie enjoyed all the rainbow goodness! She says that he likes the blanket so much, he frequently tries to eat it. That’s love when you’re three months old!

crochet ripple baby blanket

Archie loves his fist as well as his blanket.

This leads me on to an excellent point about the yarn the blanket is made of. I used Stylecraft Special DK, which is some of the best yarn available. Yes, it is 100% acrylic, but it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s smooth, and soft, and comes from an excellent range of colours – and it’s also machine-washable and can be put in the tumble dryer, so it’s absolutely perfect for use around the home (and being chewed on by enthusiastic little humans, or having wine spilled on it by enthusiastic large humans).

It’s also extremely good value for money – I bought this Attic24 pack of 17 balls for £27 from Wool Warehouse in January, and from it I’ve made Archie’s blanket, and half of another blanket that’s the same pattern but big enough to cover a double bed. I’m only just now getting to the point where I’ve depleted enough of the colours that I’m going to have to buy another lot!

Blogging about my crochet is extremely satisfying – I’m definitely going to get into the habit of doing this more. But I have so much else to talk about, too – writing, culture, music. Doing 100 Haiku Days has given me a lot more than a lot of poetry. It’s let me enjoy sharing things I do and think, and given me more of a drive to finish stuff. I used to really struggle with doing a little but every day, but that’s all you can do with crochet. And life, too, but it’s very hard to think like that!


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