Aisling is a writer, thinker, trickster, language fan, yarn-bender, feminist, mischief-maker and pangolin. She may be lying about the pangolin part. If she’s not, she’s keeping it low key. She lives in a proud, old principality (Wales) appended to a proud, old country (Britain) from which neither of her parents come. Her genome’s mostly European, with distinct flavours of the Silk Road thrown in to taste. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she doesn’t believe in nations and she likes fusion cuisine. She is amused by the convention of writing about herself in the third person.

She thinks about things, and sometimes she writes them down. This is that place. Discussions are likely to touch on writing, literature, culture, education, politics, crochet, feminism, postmodernism and food. All views are her own, but she’d be delighted to discuss yours, too.

Health warning: beware of sarcasm, it hides in plain sight. And yes, the sense of humour is surreal in real life, too.