Travelling Tales: Sunshine and Sushi (Ann Arbor, Day 2)

This morning, Anne and I got up early and visited a farmers’ market on her way to work! We ambled around admiring the local produce (and munched on locally-grown apples) but I did not succeed in my quest for maple syrup – the only syrup we could find was in glass bottles and they were too heavy to carry in my baggage (plus if they broke I’d get maple syrup all over my clothes). I guess I’ll just have to buy it in a shop. Or should I say a store?

Anyway, Anne had to go in to her office for a few hours to do Science, so I spent a happy while flicking through books in borders, purchasing a couple and then grabbing some lunch to eat in the sunshine in front of some Uni Michigan buildings. I wandered around town a lot, too, because it was a glorious afternoon and nice to be exploring. I took shots of the two fairy doors I passed, too:

This is to put it in perspective, and also because there’s a tiny little window on the wall inside the shop, which I thought was extremely cute:

And this one is outside The Ark, which is a music venue! It’s a perfect copy of the bigger doors. Note the tiny ticket window over there under the shop window!

After my wandering adventures, I met Anne for coffee before she had to go off to a talk, and I came back to hers to chill out for an hour or so before we headed out for dinner!

Dinner involved some EXCELLENT sushi – one of the types we ordered was smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado, which was amazing, as was the chicken teriyaki.

And then Anne and I went to rummage and frolick in the vintage shop next door, which involved a lot of hilarity, and the trying on of clothes that absolutely didn’t fit.

We wandered home via photo opportunities on the steps of a big new U of M building and outside a very nice fountain, and Anne introduced me to ‘band of brothers’, a TV show about which I have heard much and it has been on my to-watch list for a very long time, so it was good to finally see it! We only had time for the pilot episode, but it was still amazing, and beautifully filmed. Anne tells me that they located actual WWII planes for some of the filming. The direction and the attention to detail is absolutely beautiful, but I know I’ll probably appreciate it more when I know all the characters (and can recognise them even when their faces are covered in mud!), so I guess I’ll just have to re-watch it! It was great to watch with someone who knows it so well, though, to explain things I didn’t quite get the first time! Plus, Damian Lewis. AMAZING.

So tomorrow I’m heading back to the my family to spend the weekend with them, so I guess I’d better get some sleep! I’ve had a super day, it’s been lovely to hang out with Anne and enjoy some fabulous Michigan weather. I think it’s meant to rain a little tomorrow, and then clear up over the weekend, so I hope the weatherman’s got it right. That’s it for today, then! Time I got ready for bed!

Travelling Tales: Crazy Random Happenstance (Ann Arbor, Day 1)

So today was my first full day in Ann Arbor, and it was absolutely delightful! I had a pretty leisurely morning, charging up my phone and camera and phoning both of my parents! It was lovely to catch up with them. Only Tony was home this morning, because Amy was at work and the girls were at school, so once my stuff had finished charging we headed up to their lakeside cottage to pick up some gear that Tony wanted to bring back to the house. The drive through the countryside around Ann Arbor was beautiful – so many trees (as I suppose you’d guess from the name?)! And I saw my first genuine American white picket fence along the front of a garden!

It was a gorgeous cloudless afternoon, so once we’d put the stuff in the car Tony took me for a spin around the lake in their boat, which was amazing!

This is the view back towards the cottage…

…and this is the view of the far side of the lake from on the water. It was beautiful!

When we got back Mary was back from school so she helped us unload and I chatted to her for a bit, then threw some overnight stuff into a bag and Tony dropped me off downtown to meet my lovely friend Anne! I’m at her place now. We had a wonderful afternoon, having lunch (an excellent club sandwich on focaccia bread!) and catching up, and wandering around Ann Arbor.

And later on she provided me with my inaugural frozen yoghurt, which was AMAZING. I don’t know why we don’t have frozen yoghurt in the UK. I seriously think it might be the next big thing. It’s chilly and delicious and better for you than ice cream. And comes in tubs! And you can add toppings! It is like the beautiful lovechild of breakfast and dessert, it’s amazing.

This was mine (there are two flavours of yoghurt under all the toppings):

Anyway, it’s getting late now and Anne and I are planning on going to a farmers’ market in the morning so I should probably get some sleep! Time is moving so quickly, I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday – and the end of Tuesday, for that matter! But I have many more fun things planned for the rest of the week, so I should get some rest and get ready for them.